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Feb 19

Using Quizizz Synchronously and Asynchronously: 10 Inspirational Ideas from our Community

We’re amazed by the creative ways you engage with your students and encourage meaningful learning using Quizizz. Your stories and ideas

We’re amazed by the creative ways you engage with your students and encourage meaningful learning using Quizizz. Your stories and ideas show us different perspectives on features old and new, help us learn and evolve, and demonstrate how the simplest ideas are the most impactful.

In this post, we bring you ten community-tested ideas and show you how to incorporate them into your own classroom.

Tried-and-tested in real classrooms by teachers like you!

Use check-in quizzes and ice-breaker polls to build connections 💜

“Did you enjoy yesterday’s assignment?”

“What is one thing you’d like to learn this year?”

Daily check-ins are one of the most powerful tools to connect with your students. Teachers using Quizizz for check-ins create short quizzes with simple, to-the-point questions. Going digital with check-ins lend a level of anonymity (always leave the leaderboard out) so it’s easier for students to share how they’re really feeling.

Introducing a new concept or critiquing a book? Use polls and questions to spark a discussion 🙋

Teachers use Lessons that are interspersed with polls and discussion points to make students think and apply what they have learned. This transforms the traditional one-way classroom instruction to a dialogue where students are actively involved in the learning process.

Use quizzes to practice concepts learned during the day 🧠

Spare a few minutes at the end of class to dig into the library and find quizzes on the topic of the day. Share them with your students so they get a chance to practice what they’ve learned. You can also identify these quizzes before class or use the library to draw some inspiration before creating your own quiz.

Pro Tip: Once the game is over, use the report to identify students that are struggling and need additional guidance. Reach out to them separately with additional quiz links for independent practice so they can learn at their own pace.

Live Games are a one-way ticket to 100% engagement in the classroom 💯

Learning is most effective when it is fun and interactive. But every student is different and it is important to not just reward the ones that are the loudest or the fastest to answer.

Quizizz is self-paced so each student gets a chance to answer without feeling rushed. Students also see questions on their own devices, can have questions read-aloud to them or opt for a preferred language so they feel empowered to answer to the best of their ability.

Replace paper worksheets with quizzes to save time on grading 📲

Think of a live quiz as the upgraded version of a paper worksheet. Apart from being more fun and engaging than a worksheet, the instantaneous results save time that would otherwise be spent on manual grading. You also get insights on student and class-level performance and multiple replay and review options that can guide future action.

Monitor student and class level progress with detailed game reports 📈

Every attempt made on a quiz is available under its game report. A closer look at the results offer insights on student and class-level performance, and help plan activities for the future. You can also compare progress across attempts to track and monitor improvement.

Encourage healthy competition and collaboration with Team Mode 🙏

Classic quizzes are fun but team games teach students more than academics. Important life-skills like working collaboratively to achieve a common goal and healthy competition are some of the obvious pluses of Team Mode. As always, students still answer using their own devices but their scores contribute to the team’s total making it a combined effort.

Watching the dynamic leaderboard as teams race towards a nail-biting finish takes the energy in the classroom to a whole new level.

Capture the day’s work with a quick exit ticket 🚀

No matter how open the environment, not all students are equally comfortable about contributing in class. So when confronted with questions like, “Do you have any doubts about what we learned in class today?” not all students might give you an honest answer. You could end up missing out on genuine feedback or worse — overlook students who really need additional help. Including a short quiz at the end of class not only helps identify areas of improvement for the class, but is also a great way to recap the day’s learnings.

Get students to create quizzes on what they’ve learned 🔍

While it’s great to use quizzes to evaluate how well your students understand a concept, it’s even better to turn the tables on them and get students to create quizzes based on what they’ve learned in the day or over the week. Once students have added their quizzes, ask one of them to host their quiz as a game.

You get to play too, teacher!

Recap concepts, clear up doubts, and learn together ✅

Every hosted game gives you a report with question and player level data. Use the results and insights from recent games to identify difficult topics and questions for the class. You can spare some time at the end of the week to put concepts together and review them together. Such discussions allow students to ask questions and review the basics before moving to more complex concepts.

Do you think you have an idea that could help other teachers like you?

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