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Blend your digital and physical worlds together and propel student engagement with Paper Mode on Quizizz.

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A cheerful girl holding up a specialised Paper Mode QR code

Introducing Paper Mode

No student devices? No problem!
Support and engage all your learners equally with Quizizz Paper Mode.

To conduct a quiz on Paper Mode, just project the quiz questions on your computer. Your students can attempt these questions by holding up personalised QR Codes. Simply scan these codes using the Quizizz mobile app to record their attempts. 

But that’s not all! Paper Mode provides you with a steady stream of insights on student responses as you scan. You can also get detailed reports at your fingertips once the quiz ends.

Six people hold up QR codes in different orientations, while a man scans these codes from left to right to record them

How does Paper Mode work?

A numbered Q-card is assigned to a single participant
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Every student gets a unique, printed Q-card. This card consists of a specialised QR code.

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The card is numbered so you can easily keep track of all your participants.

The four sides of the Q-card are marked A, B, C, and D to correspond to the four answer options of an MCQ
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The four sides of the Q-Card are marked A, B, C, and D.

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These letters correspond to the four different answer options for a Multiple Choice Question.

Two hands rotate the Q-card so the correct answer option is on top
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When presented with a question, students can rotate and display the Q-card such that the correct answer option is on top.

A hand holding up a mobile phone scans Q-cards and the screen shows how many cards are holding up the correct answer
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While scanning these Q-cards with your Quizizz mobile app, you get instant insights on how all your students are performing in the quiz. 

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How do I host a quiz on Paper Mode? 

Step 1

Create a new quiz on your computer or select one of your existing quizzes with multiple choice questions.

You can also import a quiz from over 30M activities in the Quizizz Library. Now, click on Paper Mode.

An arrow points to the 'Paper Mode' option on a laptop screen

Step 2

Click on ‘Print’ to access a PDF with 60 unique Q-cards. Print and distribute these cards to your students.

P.S. These Q-cards can be reused for every quiz that you host on Paper Mode!

A lalptop screen displays the 'Print' option before starting a quiz on Paper Mode

Step 3

Start the quiz and present the questions on your computer.

You can also project these questions onto a larger screen for better visibility.

Step 4

Once all your students have raised their Q-cards, open the Quizizz app on your phone and tap ‘Paper Mode’.

Scan all the Q-cards in one go.

A finger points at the 'Paper Mode' button on the home screen of the Quizizz mobile app

Step 5

Tap ‘Submit’ to record all your students’ responses.

View insights on your classroom’s performance after every question, and get detailed reports at the end of the quiz.

A phone screen displays data on student performance after scanning Q-cards

Watch Paper Mode in Action

Here's how Paper Mode is being used by the Quizizz community of educators!

Why host a quiz on Paper Mode?

A young child skips and hops along with their hands free, and a big smile on their face

Include all your learners

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With Paper Mode, you can bring Quizizz into your classroom even if all your students do not have access to personal devices.

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Bridge digital divides by enabling every learner to participate in classroom activities.

A girl interacts with a Q-card

Boost engagement

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A quiz hosted on Paper Mode provides an interactive and hands-on experience to your students.

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Not only does this boost student engagement, but it also paves the way to greater learning outcomes.

A happy student raises one arm in the air in celebration

Offer a break from screens

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Technology can be a student’s best friend. But every now and then, a break from screen-time is more than welcome.

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Paper Mode gives learners a chance to rest their eyes and their devices as they navigate phygital experiences.

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Quizizz Paper Mode is ideal for 

A young child with. single tooth and two tiny strands of hair

Young Learners 

With Q-cards that are intuitive and easy to use, Paper Mode is well-suited for young learners who might find it challenging to operate devices.

A popsicle that has been bitten into

Ice Breakers

Paper Mode cultivates an experience that is ripe with interaction and engagement, making it an ideal game mode for ice breakers.

A mobile phone with a line drawn across it diagonally

Device-free zones

Paper Mode enables you to create focused learning environments that are free of any potential distractions and diversions from gadgets.