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Quickly find or create anything in your curriculum

Prepare high-quality, interactive content in as little as two minutes.

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30M+ teacher-created activities spanning all grade levels and subjects

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Create, copy, or edit

Build from scratch, copy entire activities, or mix and match to meet students’ needs

Include and engage every student

Flexibly engage students at their own pace, from any device.

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Inclusive, accessible design

Enable Read Aloud for elementary and ELL students

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Gamification for good

A leaderboard, themes, music, and more to motivate students

Get data that’s easy to act on

The exact insights you need to make data-driven instruction a reality.

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Real-time insights

Identify student’s needs and immediately adapt

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See overall class performance, the toughest question or topic, and individual progress


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Loved by 8M+ teachers

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“[.green-bold]Just today, I was able to use an already created Quizizz[.green-bold] on slope-intercept form to see if my students were ready for their summative assessment on Thursday .... Because of the data from the Quizizz, I was able to support and meet the needs of these students.”

David Sheffield
8th Grade Math Teacher

“[.purple-bold]Quizizz is very motivating for my students[.purple-bold] because of the game-like format. They are competitive and enjoy keeping track of their rank. The special features such as power ups and 50-50 also help to keep them hooked.”

Dody Lehman
High School Teacher

“[.green-bold]I do better on this[.green-bold] because it doesn't feel like a quiz.' When my students make comments like that, I know I have found a winner.”

Elaina Weaver
6th Grade Math Teacher

“Since we do a lot of real life math skills, [.red-bold]I love using pictures as answers to questions[.red-bold] so if they have a hard time reading they can just go by the visual.”

Emily Stock
High School Special Education Teacher

“Students started coming into class and asking, [.blue-bold]"Are we doing a Quizizz today?" or "Can we do another one? [.blue-bold] We have time before class is over!"

Fran Birmingham
5th Grade Teacher

“On an assigned quiz, students can choose to have the quiz read aloud. This allows my struggling readers to be [.red-bold]more independent on their assignments.[.red-bold]”

Heather Fraelle
Special Education Teacher

“[.green-bold]Quizizz motivates [students],[.green-bold] increases confidence, and can help to establish a culture of learning and growing from mistakes.”

James Newman
Sr. Manager of Academic Instructional Technology

“I am able to take Quizizz lessons and assign them to students as a small group and they can work and discuss. ... [.blue-bold]It provides them with interactive questions that can be used for most lessons I have.[.blue-bold]”

Jasmine Applewhite
Middle School English Teacher

“Students not only get instant feedback, but also have the chance to redo an assignment until they feel they are comfortable with their level of understanding. [.red-bold]It allows students to be leaders of their accountability.[.red-bold]”

Jen Boyd
High School Math Teacher

“The tools are easy to use and [.blue-bold]the teleport feature is a lifesaver[.blue-bold] for anyone who has had to put together a last minute assignment!”

Jennifer Cooper
High School Teacher

“[.purple-bold]I can use Quizizz for almost every topic I teach.[.purple-bold] I have especially enjoyed the lessons ... because it makes lessons interactive without creating a whole new Nearpod presentation.”

Jessica Mitchell
Middle School English Teacher

“[.red-bold]Quizizz is a teacher- and student- friendly platform[.red-bold] for all school ages.”

Karen Zaccaria
6th Grade Teacher

“[.green-bold]I love that[.green-bold] if I can't find exactly what I am looking for I can edit a current Quizizz and make it my own or just create a whole new Quizizz.”

Kimberly Cagle
High School Math Teacher

“I have used Quizizz to work on skills based on standards. ... [.yellow-bold]This allows me to quickly formatively assess[.yellow-bold] which students need additional help to master certain standards.”

Latoya Gay
7th and 8th Grade ELA Teacher

“[.purple-bold]I can't express how valuable it has been[.purple-bold] in keeping students engaged in their learning whether through instructor paced, individual/team quiz, or as a homework assignment to review together the next day!”

Lisa Anderson
Sr. Manager of Academic Instructional Technology

“One of my students who has an IEP in the area of behavior often refuses to practice or participate in class. However, anytime we play Quizizz ... [.blue-bold]he engages 100% and is reaching proficiency on those math standards.[.blue-bold]”

Melissa Oberembt
High School Special Education Teacher

“[.green-bold]Quizizz is highly engaging[.green-bold] and allows me to give immediate feedback, make adjustments to lessons, and motivate my students.”

Rhonda Murphy-Johnson
High School English Teacher

“I had a visually impaired student in distance learning .... [.yellow-bold]With Quizizz, I was able to keep him on track[.yellow-bold] ... and he successfully moved to the next course of accelerated math with all the foundational pieces in place that he needed to know!”

Sarah Edinger
8th Grade Algebra Teacher

“[.red-bold]Quizizz was the obvious choice[.red-bold] ... because teachers asked for it. [It] was fully aligned with district initiatives around student engagement and formative assessment, was compliant with NYS EdLaw 2-d, and came packaged with comprehensive PD.”

Scott Staub
K-12 Instructional Technology Coach

“I have students with IEPs, [.yellow-bold]I am able to find lessons catering to their abilities and accommodation[.yellow-bold] while being able to assign the other students with more rigorous assessments.”

Shallamar Goodwin-Richards
High School Math Teacher

“[.purple-bold]Students are motivated by the power-ups, points, and sense of competition[.purple-bold] with their classmates. Students cheer when a classmate uses a power-up that helps everyone, and it encourages the community some students desperately need.”

Shelby Cameron
High School Teacher

“[.blue-bold]This extremely quiet[.blue-bold], shy kid was really excited. He was high fiving students, making excited exclamations, and really into it. This Quizizz exercise completely opened him up and brought out his personality.”

Tifarah Dial
Middle/High School Math Teacher

“I use Quizizz to reinforce and check understanding after we've covered a concept pretty thoroughly. I use it in stations. I use it for tutoring. I also use it to review and prepare my students for benchmark and state tests. [.red-bold]They love it every time.[.red-bold]”

Yvette Switzer
4th Grade Teacher
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