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Feb 2

New Year, Three New Reasons to Use the Live Whiteboard on Quizizz

Our newest offering for Quizizz teachers and students is the Live Whiteboard — a tool to annotate, emphasize and draw a point home...

Our newest offering for Quizizz teachers and students is the Live Whiteboard — a tool to annotate, emphasize and draw a point home (pun intended) for your students in any kind of learning environment (remote, in-person, or hybrid).

At a time in EdTech and across the world, when education, teaching, and mediums of instruction are fast-changing with different perspectives and ideas, we want to enable teachers to use the Live Whiteboard to significantly increase the quality of instruction.

Using Quizizz lessons and quizzes, your students can use Live Whiteboard annotations in real-time to show their engagement, interaction, and how well they understood a concept. As a teacher, you get to check their understanding and evaluate if they really did ‘get it’ before you move on.

To seamlessly start implementing this new tool into your current instruction, here are three reasons to use the Live Whiteboard on Quizizz:

Allows for Real-time Teacher and Student Annotations

What sets the Quizizz Live Whiteboard apart is that you can annotate, emphasize and monitor your students’ understanding, all at the exact moment of instruction. A Live Whiteboard on Quizizz that enables you to draw, paint, highlight, write, and identify is as close to a physical whiteboard and marker as it can get. It not only enhances higher-order thinking but transfers across all subject areas. Teachers can ask students to show work on mathematical questions, balance complex chemical equations, identify locations on a map, calculate scientific formulas, or match pieces of dialogue to corresponding literary characters, to name a few ideas.

By enabling a Live Whiteboard in class, your students have the opportunity to think about the concept that is taught and apply it at their own pace, alongside their peers. As a teacher, you get real-time insights into how well the concept was received, which gives you the opportunity to rethink the lesson, clarify doubts, and if necessary, re-teach a concept before moving forward so no student is left behind.

Helps with Student Confidence, and Recall of Complex Concepts

According to a Life Sciences Education article titled, “Teaching More by Grading Less (or Differently),” students thrive in a low-stakes environment because, without the fear of grades, they feel free to take risks, apply the concept, rectify errors and lessen their gaps in understanding. This reinforces a growth mindset, enhances the opportunity for a collaborative environment, and encourages more peer-to-peer and student-to-teacher interaction and participation.

Also beneficial for visual and kinesthetic learners, as backed by the concepts discussed in this Online Learning publication, the Live Whiteboard on Quizizz helps students understand, envision, and attempt concepts that will deeply engage them and assist in memory and recall. This is especially useful when complex concepts require application-based learning rather than rote or memorized learning.

Saves Time by Eliminating the Need for Other Applications

Whether it is to provide a formative assessment, teach a new concept, arrive at insights on student reports — or even just to conduct a Daily Check-in — Quizizz has it all. The Live Whiteboard can be enabled for ALL instructor-paced lessons and quizzes to annotate your teaching and confirm your students’ engagement in every single class. The addition of this tool is just another reason Quizizz can be your single application solution and eliminate the need for multiple logins on other sites.Quizizz has it all under one roof.

We’re sure that the Live Whiteboard can transform your class, make a subject come alive, drive a complex topic home, and make your students feel heard in a low stakes environment — all of this with a single click, within every instructor-paced lesson and quiz that is created, imported and shared.

Try the Live Whiteboard for a Lesson and Quiz on Quizizz today, and tag us on Twitter (@quizizz) to let us know what helps you motivate your learners best!

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