Tips and Tricks to Use Quizizz in your Classes

Image of a young girl holding a rectangular placard with blank space for questions.

Free Online Quiz Maker

Create interactive and engaging quizzes with different question types to engage students in a classroom, train employees at work or play trivia with friends.

Common Core State Standards

Align your assessments and lessons on Quizizz with the Common Core curriculum standards.

Make Learning Fun and Engaging

Create memorable learning experiences for students with Quizizz activities.

Interactive Bell Ringers for Classes

Kickstart your classes everyday with Bell Ringers on Quizizz. We're sure your students will love it!

Use MCQs to Drive Student Engagement

Create multiple choice questions (MCQs) on Quizizz to motivate students to mastery.

Exit Tickets for Classes

Create Fun and Engaging Exit Tickets on Quizizz using these Templates and Ideas. We're sure your students will ask for more!

All About Fill in the Blanks

Hero Fill in the Blanks questions on Quizizz to skyrocket growth and learning.

Handouts for Classes

Use Quizizz Handouts for engaging instruction, powerful assessment, and consistent practice.

The Power of Open-Ended Questions

Encourage Students’ Higher-Order Thinking using Open-Ended Questions on Quizizz.

Transform Student Engagement

Go From Boring to Exciting: Transform Student Engagement in Your Classes using Quizizz.

Online Live Whiteboards on Quizizz

Use the Online Whiteboard on Quizizz to differentiate for instruction, assessment, and practice.

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