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Jan 12

Quizizz Leads on Love of Learning — and Learning Science

As education evolves, many teachers like you have traded textbooks, packets, and lectures for...

As education evolves, many teachers like you have traded textbooks, packets, and lectures for computers, learning management systems, and interactive platforms. While you and your students navigate all these new technologies that are now part of a 21st century school routine, rest assured that top e-learning companies like Quizizz are committed to serve as much more than just a classroom game.

We realize that no matter how motivated your students are by entertaining instructional tools, strong data and mastery must continue — even increase—as a result of using them. The greatest chance of success on this is if the e-learning companies rely on the same educational pedagogy you trust for your own teaching practice. That’s why, with 50 million educators and students using Quizizz worldwide, we understand how important it is to found our platform on the learning science of these three concepts:

1. Gamification
Photo courtesy of Robo Wunderkind via Unsplash.

Why does it promote learning?

Education outsiders may question whether point systems, rewards, badges, and leaderboards support students’ academic growth, but a series of scholarly studies since 2010 prove these techniques work. As classroom teachers like yourself witness, and the Journal of Education and e-Learning Research confirms, the engagement factor is the main reason.

With the ability to stimulate 21st century students in an exciting new way — which you certainly understand is no easy task — gamification gives teachers the magical superpower to motivate, and so students are more likely to learn. Additionally, gamification promotes digital literacy and better prepares young people for successful career paths.

How is it a key feature for Quizizz?

When you and your students use Quizizz, it’s clear that engagement is vital to the design of our various features such as the points system, power-ups, redemption questions, avatars, artistic themes, music, and more. According to the Journal of Education and e-Learning Research, Quizizz illuminates a new way of learning —

“The implementation of online interactive games such as Quizizz can be seen as an exhilarating, creative, and impactful means of shifting from the conventional way of imparting knowledge, especially to millennials.”
2. Spaced Repetition
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Why does it promote learning?

Continuous and scheduled review is proven to promote long-term content retention, so it only makes sense that thoughtful e-learning companies create products that incorporate the practice. As detailed in a piece by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), when designed strategically and applied systematically, spaced repetition boosts memorization and mastery.

How is it a key feature for Quizizz?

As adoringly validated by teachers that use Quizizz, our site is designed with these scientific elements of education in mind. This also includes retrieval practice, as detailed by another educator utilizing our platform. Overall, learning science is why your students engaging with Quizizz receive our much-loved redemption questions in real-time, as well as our motivating retakes for mastery. On our platform, you and your fellow teachers also surely love the opportunity to duplicate question types, shuffle the order, analyze data to modify instruction and reteach misconceptions, as well as reassign your old Quizzes and Lessons.

3. Adaptive Learning
Photo courtesy of @mimithian via Unsplash.
Photo courtesy of Mimi Thian via Unsplash.

Why does it promote learning?

Although individualized learning plans for every student would be ideal, you know better than anyone that the time and resources for this aren’t realistic. Thankfully, under the umbrella of differentiated instruction, online learning platforms can help supplement your endless efforts to plan instruction based on such a wide variety of student strengths and growth areas.

According to an article published by the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI), adaptive learning’s added layer of support reinforces students’ educational experience because it “respects their prior knowledge, responds to their learning needs, and reduces gaps in their understanding. By ensuring that students reach mastery before moving on, adaptive learning avoids ‘teaching to the middle,’ which fails to account for advanced students or those who are lagging.”

How is it a key feature for Quizizz?

Our product is a teacher-powered learning platform, so without you, the educators, we would not and could not exist. That being said, Quizizz is a program that aims to help you work smarter, not harder. Therefore, we offer teachers the ability to assign the class a bank of questions that adjust for each student based on individual mastery. Quizizz also addresses adaptive learning by offering self-paced options so students can complete the quiz on individual time frames.

As much as learning science matters to many different education stakeholders, what comes first and foremost to Quizizz are teachers, students, and high-quality academic experiences. Knowing this, we consistently consider,

What is exciting and engaging? What is meaningful and motivating? What supports teachers, stimulates students, provides data, and promotes growth?

Equipped with a deep understanding of research, as well as a profound love of learning, Quizizz aims to be the answer to each of these essential questions, and we are here to help support the future of K-12 education.

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