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Mar 2

Prepping for Pi Day? Use Quizizz for 3.14x Times More Fun!

March 14 (3/14) is celebrated as Pi Day in schools and mathematical communities around the world. The festivities are meant to...

March 14 (3/14) is celebrated as Pi Day in schools and mathematical communities around the world. The festivities are meant to commemorate the magical number of 3.14 (and the 62.8 trillion digits after the decimal point), to recall the contributions of Pi to modern mathematics, and is also a great reason to bake and eat a ton of pies and pizzas!

In addition to the perks of partaking in these Pi day food treats, classic celebrations across schools and districts can include a Quizizz celebration with your students, which is bound to make it more engaging and memorable. Here are eight curated Quizzes and one Lesson (grades 5–12) that you can instantly share with your students, either in-person or remote, to spruce up your 3/14.

Carrie Bliss’ Pi Day Quiz: Grade 5–7

This 10-question quiz is the no-nonsense activity you can play with your students right before the start of your math lesson. It gears them to think in numbers, and drives healthy competition between individual students or teams. Right from the ‘formal’ definition of Pi to what kind of words Pi and Pie are, this quiz has it all for a typical math class quiz with a bit of competition fused in! Thank you, Carrie Bliss, for creating 86 other quizzes on middle school math!

BONUS TIP: Use the Bulk Teleport tool to combine Carrie’s Pi day quiz with Mark Philbin’s Finding Pi Quiz: Grade 6 to make it a lot more fun and entertaining! A huge shout out to Mr. Philbin for creating more than 200 such quizzes for his students and the Quizizz community!
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Nicholas Ritz’s Pie Chart Quiz: Grade 5–8

Who says that pie charts aren’t fun? Play this 10 question quiz with your middle schoolers to help them visualize and interpret pie charts. This quiz has been played more than 800 times and we love how colorful every pie chart is — we’re sure that your students will love this too!

BONUS TIP: Bulk Teleport Nicholas’ quiz with Huma Mumtaz’s Pie Chart Vocabulary quiz (Grade 9) too to know more about the vocabulary of pie charts (not recipes) — quarters, halves and significant portions, anyone?

Area of a Circle Quiz by Otejri Hart: Grade 7

This hands-on quiz is all about calculating the areas of circles with Pi along with the concepts of radius, diameter, and circumference with different examples. This quiz works best when hosted as an Instructor-paced quiz to get students to work out the mathematical exercises along with their peers to ensure every student’s work is seen or evaluated. This quiz has also been played over 1,700 times, and we’re thankful to Otejri Hart for creating 87 quizzes on middle school math!

BONUS TIP: Include Susan Felty’s Pi Quiz: Grade 7–8 with your celebrations, as this quiz has equal parts of knowledge and entertainment. As proof of its popularity, this 18-question quiz has been played over 6,000 times on Quizizz!

Melissa Cunningham’s Pi Day Quiz: Grade 6–12

This 20-question quiz has been played over 2,000 times on Quizizz. You can host this activity live or assign it as homework — either way, it is bound to be fun, informative and entertaining. We especially love the combination of history, general knowledge and trivia– all captured within 20 questions. Thank you, Melissa Cunningham, for creating this quiz and 50 others on Quizizz!

BONUS TIP: Use Melissa Krien’s Pi Day Trivia Quiz: Grade 9–12 to host a Pi Trivia quiz with your students. This 15-question quiz has been played over 400 times and we’re sure that using it for a brain break in the middle of math period will bring a smile to your students’ faces!

Carl Johnson’s Pi Day and Circumference Lesson: Grade 7–8

This lesson has all that you’d ever need to celebrate Pi Day with your students. It includes a TEDx video on the ‘Infinite Life of Pi’ (pun intended), a YouTube video on facts and trivia about Pi Day, and a video that explains how the circumference of any circle can be determined using Pi and the given diameter. The lesson also includes lots of information about Pi’s history and general knowledge. We love how this lesson is also perfect to assign as homework, which allows students to take their time on all the videos and exercises sprinkled throughout. Thank you, Carl Johnson, for creating more than 120 quizzes and lessons like these!

Photo by <a href=%40lceusebiocf12.html Eusébio</a> on <a href=circle0a0b.html src=

Math teachers of Quizizz, the Pi Day fun doesn’t stop there. In addition to the activities above, we’re sure you’ve come up with countless ways for you and your students to appreciate the magic of Pi. Whether it’s with pies and pizzas, with math exercises, general knowledge, trivia, and other fun, tell us how you plan to celebrate Pi Day with your students in the comments below!

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