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Aug 10

Keeping Up With Quizizz: Free template for teachers!

‘Depth of Knowledge’ Question Type Cheat Sheet helps level up learning.

Need ideas for how to incorporate our new question types? We got you covered with the DOK Question Type Cheat Sheet. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY HERE!

Education technology platforms are full of constant updates and upgrades to benefit you and your students, but in the midst of busy days teaching, it can be understandably difficult to keep up with what’s new.

Over the last six months at Quizizz, we’ve rolled out a number of exciting tools to support your vital work in the classroom, including several new question types: Audio, Video, Match, and Reorder. This makes nine question types overall (see graphic below). These diverse options empower educators of all grades and subject areas to effectively assess student understandings at various depths of knowledge (DOK). According to Edutopia, “Categorizing tasks according to the complexity of thought they require is one way for teachers to create a rich learning environment.”

While developing a variety of engaging and rigorous tasks for students is a crucial part of the teaching profession, it can sure be time-consuming. One solution to this, said eSpark Learning, is fairly straightforward. “Using technology to modify lesson plans is a great way to streamline the differentiation process and to effectively reuse and improve past lessons.” That’s where Quizizz comes in — providing a platform that makes your job easier; it’s just one of the many ways we strive to be a resource for educators.

No matter what grade or subject you teach, we hope the DOK Question Type Cheat Sheet (see first graphic above) helps you quickly and easily consider ways to sprinkle some of our new question types into your more traditional multiple choice activities. Along with our powerful teacher community on Twitter and LinkedIn, Team Quizizz is here to help you every step of the way!

Download your own copy of the Depth of Knowledge Question Type Cheat Sheet here! Feel free to share with colleagues and your social community as well!

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